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The Seventh-day Adventist heartbeat pulsates with stories: Bible stories, mission stories, stories about our origins: Adventist stories.
These stories are all seen as sub-sets of the great gospel story of salvation in Jesus our Lord. And, of course, the Church has been tasked to tell this story to all the nations of the world to prepare them for the great judgement day when Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven and destroy the wicked.

Move the spotlight

The Adventist Soapbox continues this tradition of story-telling, but with a specific focus.
The stories on this website will
  • emphasize the personal element
  • at times tell stories that are often kept out of the main-stream Adventist publications
  • cover a wide range of categories: including Adventist education, Adventist doctrine, Adventist life-style, Adventist history etc.
  • aim to stimulate dialogue around sensitive issues and awaken empathy with those who are hurting or angry
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The following stories have already been published on the Adventist Soapbox:
 Adventist Education

(General articles)

Adventist Education

The “Windows on the Past” series by P.W. Coetser

General Topics


Book Reviews

The White Elephant in Adventism by Brian Neuman

More than a Prophet by Gerald Bradford

A blogging forum for all things Adventist

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