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Step Out

A Faith Trip Inspired Movie

Step out
Step out in Faith

Step Out

We’re very happy to announce the release of an Adventist film that is based on faith.  We have released this story on YouTube and are excited to share this documentary with you.  Below are the details:

Title: STEP OUT – A Faith Trip Inspired Movie

Runtime: 1 Hr. 18 Mins.




Summary: A group of 12 students embarked on a trip that tested their faith in God. Their plans were to depart from Riverside, CA and make their way to GYC in Seattle, WA with no food and no money.  These students filled two vans with literature and canvassed neighborhoods along the way seeking donations for food, gas, and lodging. 

After a lot of hard work, we are excited to share with our fellow brethren in Christ the story of “Step Out” and the exciting journey of placing your trust in God.  As our mission work, there is no admission price for this film so please feel free to share and screen it with your youth group and church.

Step out: Pacific Union Conference Article: 

On Dec. 16, 2012, 12 young adults began a journey from Southern California to Seattle, Wash., for the 2012 Generation of Youth for Christ conference. Inspired by Weimar College’s Faith Trip to Houston in 2011, these young people decided to put their faith to the test and allow God to provide for them through literature evangelism ministry. “We filled two vans with books and one tank of gas. We left Riverside, Calif., praying that God would provide,” said Lesieli Heimuli, literature evangelism director for Faith Trip Inspired.

The goal was to distribute literature for donations in neighborhoods that would cover gas, lodging, food and other needs. “People thought it was crazy, but we believe in this work and that God is coming soon,” said Luisa Paongo, a newly baptized Adventist.

The majority of them had no literature ministry experience, so directors needed to train them during traveling hours and down time. “We had an inexperienced team and more than 1,000 miles to travel,” said Pau Moala, the canvassing leader. “However, we witnessed God move in ways we’d never seen before. To literally see Him provide was breathtaking.”

Each day, the team woke early, had devotions, prepared breakfast and sack lunches, packed the vans, stocked books and headed to their next location. After arriving in their expected territory by afternoon, they canvassed until 8:30 p.m. Afterward, they counted the donations they’d received and drove to their designated location to sleep.

Going through Redding, Calif., the team experienced their first day of cold weather and snow. Drivers had to stop to put on chains before continuing. On arriving in Grants Pass, Ore., they were greeted by Pastor Christian Martin, who opened his church to allow the team to rest and rejuvenate for another long day of traveling. “It was snowing so hard when they arrived that there was a power outage in my neighborhood,” said Martin. “It has not snowed like that since 1994; yet they still canvassed. I was stunned by the team’s persistence.”

For two weeks, the Faith Trip Inspired team canvassed through rain, snow and sunshine. On days off, the young adults visited convalescent homes and hospital patients, and caroled while sharing GLOW tracts on Christmas. “I never experienced anything like this,” said filmmaker Michael Taimi, who taped their experiences. “I will never be the same again.”

On Dec. 27, Weimar Academy students met with Faith Trip Inspired to create a jumbo team totaling 22 students. Their goal was to take literature into some of the most affluent homes in the area. “Literature evangelism is a war tactic for spiritual warfare,” said Jojoe Tonga, current leader for Weimar Academy students. “A person would be foolish to love war, but the burden for souls drives us into battle.”

Faith Trip Inspired raised a total of $6,639 and filled orders for more than 300 books and pieces of literature in homes across three different states. Financially provided for, the team returned home spiritually uplifted and ready to continue the ministry in their home churches across the U.S.

I thank you in advance church family for your earnest love, support, and prayers.



Michael Taimi

Director/Executive Producer

One of the characteristics of young people is their enthusiasm
and willingness to step out and try something for a cause that they believe in. How do you feel about the venture depicted in this video? Please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook Page. Remember to “Like” this post and feel free to share it with your friends and acquintances.