Editorial Guidelines

We invite you to publish on Adventist Soapbox.

The website provides a platform for people like you to share your knowledge, experience, ideas, wisdom and creativity within a Seventh-day Adventist context.

Send us an e-mail if you have an idea or a submission that you would like to publish.

Below are some guidelines that we use to consider submissions:

Content guidelines

  • We welcome original or creative submissions on issues that are relevant or trending within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • We value diversity and will therefore cover topics from a wide range of perspectives. Our purpose is to encourage open and honest conversation and community.
  • We endeavour to maintain high editorial and journalistic standards. Our aim is to publish well substantiated, fair, and balanced material.
  • We will occasionally agree to republish work that had been published elsewhere. This would require permission and clear citation to the original material whether on-line or in print.
  • Submissions should be accompanied by contact details and relevant biographical information about the author(s).

Article length

  • Submissions between 300 and 800 words tend to generate the best response.
  • On occasion we will consider longer form factors e.g. syndicating a series of shorter articles, or publishing longer form writing.
  • We encourage other forms of creativity e.g. poetry, art, or the use of a variety of media types that can comfortably be accommodated within the site’s design format.

Intellectual property

  • The content of published articles remain the intellectual property of the respective authors.
  • Quotes or references to these articles in other publications should always be credited to the author of the article and to this website where it is published.
  • Photos and graphical content of articles should also conform to international legal copyright standards.

A spirit of Christian charity

Submissions must conform to a spirit of Christian charity and portray the genuine desire to build on the true cornerstone and firm Foundation our lord Jesus Christ!

Editorial decisions:

The editors reserve the right to accept or refuse any material submitted for publication.

  • We reserve the right to edit and enhance material to improve its quality. We endeavour to do this in an open, consultative way.
  • We encourage inexperienced publishers to submit material. It will be a privilege to have a role to play in your development as an author.

Advertising and marketing

To cover expenses of running this platform we will run occasional advertising or marketing campaigns. Such content will not detract from the content and values of the site.

Contact us if you have a marketing proposal for us.

View the About page for more details on the purpose and spirit of the blog.

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